Kayfabe Films Ltd. is a production company based in central London which also provides high end visual effects and post-production work for film and television. It operates as a fully trading limited company set up by its director Christopher M. Anthony (full Bafta member and Imperial College alumnus).

With experience spanning as far back as the mid 90’s, we’ve produced high end feature film production and post production on major grossing films and franchises from the Harry Potter series to X-Men and Indiana Jones. We have worked closely with many of the leading production houses, post-production houses and film crews and actors both in England and the United States.

Our company ethos is to produce and develop feature film to a standard suitable for theatrical distribution and commercials suitable for a television or cinema distribution. We are able to do this with a wealth of contacts and experience accumulated over the years in the industry. Kayfabe Films is able to take a film from script through to financing and pre-production and on to filming and post-production. Finally we can work with distributors on securing distribution deals.

We currently have a number of features in development and continue to produce music videos, high-end visual effects and commercials.

Kayfabe Films Ltd. is registered in England and Wales. Company Number: 69216937